Derma Wand

Online Tips for Optimizing the Beneficial Results of Dermawand

More people are taking steps to reduce, eliminate or even prevent the signs of aging. The most common physical signs associated with aging are the lines and wrinkles that appear on the surface of the skin. They are most noticeable when they appear on the face. In recent years, there have been some developments in technology that have led to the creation of hand held devices such as the Dermawand. This device could be used to not only reduce the signs of aging, but to also rejuvenate tired looking skin.

Electric Waves of Energy

Dermawand uses what is referred to as radio frequency technology. Anyone familiar with radio signals knows that they are sent through the air as audio waves or pulses. This is the same type of technology Dermawand uses to help regenerate tired or old looking skin. The pulse of energy emitted by this device stimulates the cells underneath the top layer of skin. This helps increase the flow of blood as well as the production of collagen to the underlying cells. The result of this process is a healthy looking glow on the skin's surface. It also helps to plump up the cells to decrease the appearance of fine lines and under eye puffiness.

Maximizing the Benefits

While most products include basic instructions for use, a simple search online could help people maximize the benefits they receive from using the Derma Wand. The skin of the face should be cleansed and completely dried beforehand. This device could be used directly on the skin or with the recommended gel. Using the product directly on the skin could produce a prickling sensation, which although normal for this device, could feel a bit odd. The head of the device should be worked gradually across the different areas of the face to obtain the best results.